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What are Refrigerated Transport Services?

Refrigerated Transport Services are essentially transport services with temperature control. In other words, it is the management of the stream of products requiring cool transporter deep freeze at all times from start to end point.

Unique Transport Cold Chain Logistic Services

Who requires refrigerated transport services?

Refrigerated transport servicesThe two main industries that require Refrigerated Transport Services or Cold Chain Logistic Services are the food and drink’s industries and bio pharmaceutical companies. Bio pharmaceuticals include medical perishables, for example, antibodies, blood and blood items. Other products requiring Cold Chain Transport include lipsticks, bumble bees, certain craftsmanship, collectibles and crisp blooms.
All of which can get damaged if they overheat during the time spent being transported. An extreme example of Refrigerated Transport Services might be the transport of penguins from Dublin zoo. When they need to be moved around, these cool tolerant feathered friends get moved starting with one zoo then onto the next by means of refrigerated transport. They wouldn’t survive the warmth of transport without refrigeration.

What makes Unique Transports Refrigerated Transport Services stand out?

Our process starts at the supply end. This incorporates the management of a pre-cooling framework. To put it another way, we incorporate all products requiring temperature control throughout their life cycle, for example, eggs, milk and other dairy commodities, or similar creations. Not being able to keep these products cool results in significant losses, subsequently they should be kept cool for their whole life cycle, not simply particular segments of it.

Who manages the logistics of Cold Chain?

Unique transport manage the cold chain logistics from start to finish so you can rest assured you are in capable hands. This process can include refrigerated vans, railroad or freight management. Along the path there can be refrigerated storerooms, for example, temperature-controlled distribution centers. From that cold chain logisticspoint, refrigerated transport is again required to take things to the end customer, whether a business sector, an industrial facility, a clinic or port. In any case, notwithstanding the standard transport and logistics base, the refrigerated chain requires extraordinary management and foundation to carry everything at the right temperature.

Do you need wholesale refrigeration?

For wholesale trucking, the refrigerated trailers are intended to run freely and consequently stay refrigerated notwithstanding when not slowed to a semi. Accordingly, they have their own engines and fuel supply. This is basic to making the framework work. In Ireland today, no less than 70% of the food supply is transported along these lines. There would be significantly more deterioration without temperature-controlled trailers that can stay cool. Refrigerated large apparatus trailers are a basic necessity in this specific chain.

Who should you contact?

Unique Transport Ireland are experts in transporting chilled, ambient and frozen putting us at the forefront of refrigerated transport. We believe what makes Unique Transport a better option than any of our competitors is the experience, commitment and enthusiasm of both our management and staff. Our Business Development team led by Dave Costello is constantly striving to take Unique Transport Ireland to the next level. Complimented by a dedicated front line services team including Customer Services which keeps you, the client, up to date and ensure your products get to their destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. Should you require further information regarding our refrigerated transport services please contact Dave Costello directly on:

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