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Truck mounted craneThe truck mounted crane popularly known as Hiab is a hydraulically-powered arm installed on a truck or a trailer. HIAB is a known manufacturer for cranes and is considered as an industry leader in truck mounted cranes. It is also one of the most popular brands of articulated and truck mounted cranes in the world today.

The crane attached to the truck is used for loading and unloading heavy goods. After the job is completed, the crane is stored and folded neatly in a smooth way for its multiple jointed sections on the truck’s back. Unique Transport specializes in truck mounted crane services to load and unload boat transport, 5 tonne pallet, portable cabins, steel containers, machinery and literally anything heavy.

Truck Mounted Crane Highlights

Generally, the truck mounted cranes available for hire and sale have a capacity to reach up to 32 metres in length and 62 metres in height including a self-drive access platform with a height up to 22 metres. The crane also features automation functions and is capable to stow and unload itself without the operator’s instructions. It is versatile in nature such that it functions similar to a straight boom and can also fold up as per user’s requirements.
The narrow roads in Europe have made the Hiab truck mounted cranes very popular. Though these trucks are not as popular in North America as they are in Europe, but they are growing in fame. The increased recognition of the truck mounted cranes is also due to loading preferences. The use of the smaller booms eliminates the need of a certified crane operator.

Truck Mounted Crane Services Offered by Unique Transport

Our Hiab cranes come in a flexible size, which can either be folded into a compact size or stretched a long way, offering a lot of benefits over a telescopic crane or stiff-boom.
Unlike the other cranes, the operator of HIAB cranes needs to move around the vehicle to view the load. This makes the modern cranes to be fitted with either a radio-linked control system or a portable cable to support the mounted hydraulic control levers of the crane. Some of our popular truck mounted crane services are shared below:

Boat Transportation

Unique Transport makes the transportation of specialised vehicles such as boats, yachts and motor cruisers possible through their truck mounted cranes at a competitive price. The truck mounted cranes are dedicated to deliver a safe and efficient boat delivery.

Portable Cabin Transportation

Unique Transport delivers portable cabins and buildings in a safe way. We only leave the site after ensuring 100% satisfaction. We also double stack unitsportacabin transportation including the straight landings and staircases without involving extra labour and charges.

Steel Containers and Machinery Transportation

The experienced drivers dismantle and install the basic equipment without requiring an extra labour or craneage to keep the costs down. They also instruct the customers on the equipment usage, get the delivery notes signed, and send to your office. Unique Transport also provides installation teams to level, erect, set up, dispose and dismantle equipment ranging from heavy weight steel containers to the complex machinery.

Top Tips to Selecting the Truck Mounted Cranes

The truck mounted cranes have become a critical part of work fleets today for their multitude qualities and versatility. For purchasing the best unit, companies need to assess their requirements. They come in different types and sizes. Buy only those machines, which could handle the business tasks in an efficient and secure way.

Significant Aspects of Crane Reach and its Loading Capacity

Before finalizing your deal of Hiab truck, fully understand the load bearing capacity and the crane’s reach for bearing the load. The crane must be strong, tall and flexible enough to be considered useful. After determining the required specifications in terms of strength lifting and crane arm reach, you can move on to the other considerations.

imagesConsidering the Chassis and Crane Truck Size

After analyzing your needs and picking the required type, now consider a Chassis according to the size of the crane. The chassis must be durable and strong to withhold the load that the crane will lift. Furthermore, it should be heavy and large enough to become stable for the vehicle. In fact, weight of the chassis is an important consideration. A truck mounted crane must be installed on a truck chassis with a heavy body to balance and support its weight. The crane must not be that heavy to exceed the weight and the payload capacity of the truck. In short, you need to configure the chassis to balance the crane size and height with the truck weight to offer a stable support for the crane.

Understanding Right Controls

As technology progressed, the vehicle controls have advanced too. Majority of Hiab crane trucks used today are equipped with wireless and radio remote controls. These controls are preferred over manual and on-truck controls. These controls are a bit expensive, but offer extra safety and help operators in controlling the crane from a distance. This puts the operators in charge of the loading process to execute it in a safe way.

Beams and Other Safety Equipment

The new or used truck crane services must have beams, especially the electronic cranes. The new beams can be installed quickly, precisely and easily compared to manual adjustment of the pullout outriggers/beams. The other safety accessories and equipment depend on the purpose the truck will be used for. Apparatuses such as non-conductive equipment, personal safety gear, prevention gear, and fall arrest should be considered according to the usage.M01.7_Truck_crane01
A wide range of truck mounted cranes are available today. The best you can do when selecting a new or used knuckle boom crane truck is to understand the equipment needs. Look for the ones that have the features mentioned above to execute business tasks in an effective way.
Unique Transport Ireland owns the most advanced trucks having all the characteristics we have discussed above. We render Hiab Truck onsite service for heavy and delicate projects. Contact us at the following for more information and queries:

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