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03. Major Factory Move

03. Major Factory Move

When planning a Major Factory Move you need to ensure you have the right company on board. Careful planning with specialised equipment needs to be taken into account when you are considering the right transport services company for the job. 

Unique Transport Ireland Ltd have been moving factory equipment for well over 17 years. We have the right know-how and planning expertise to ensure that your factory move is both pain free and timely. We have the technical equipment necessary for moving heavy and expensive machinery. Our fleet includes a Hiab Crane Lift and A truck with an attached forklift required for moving factory items. Each move of factory equipment is down time for any company so it is vital that you get it right and invest in a company that have the know how to get the job done in a timely and professional manner. Factory moves usually take place out of office hours. Or when this is not applicable the move can be managed over a set period of time to ensure minimal disruption and/or downtime.

When planning a factory move it is adviseable that you take the following steps to ensure the success of your project:

  1. Create a realistic budget. Creating a realistic factory move budget is a critical planning tool that will help you assess your costs and manage them through the process.
  2. Start early. When planning a factory move there is a lot more than meets the eye, so the earlier the start the greater the chance of achieving. Once the project leader has been appointed, work should start. You should start reviewing your options 9 – 18 months prior to your lease expiration regardless of whether you are considering renewing, renegotiation or relocation. It is vital that you allow enough lead-time to increase the amount of leverage and competition between the various options, which can result in substantial savings for you.
  3. Engage the right factory move professionals. The whole moving factory process can be complex, stressful and time-consuming. After people costs, property costs are the next big expenditure. The decisions you make will have an impact on your company’s profitability. Working with the right professional team is the single biggest must-do for any company thinking of moving factory. They will guide you through the process, save you money in the long run and also make sure you don’t make any critical mistakes. Contact Unique Transport Ireland Ltd today for more information on how we can help plan your next factory move.
  4. Communication is vital in any factory move: Internally, change can be unsettling for staff and this can certainly be the case with a factory move. At the same time as the factory move process is going on, your company has to continue to run its business and focus on its existing workload and commitments. However, moving factory is a great opportunity to affect positive change management, improvement in business performance, increased morale and momentum. Externally, there are many moving parts to a factory move and you need to ensure that everyone involved in the project is regularly updated, especially if there are any changes. If you keep the lines of communication open to all interested parties, internal and external, your factory move will have a much greater chance of success.
  5. Take advantage of the opportunity: Clear out old files and purge all storage areas of unneeded items prior to moving. Also consider scanning any documents no longer needed in hard copy (remember to dispose of unwanted files securely). Secure storage and/or archiving of documentation is a flexible, safe and cost-effective solution to free up valuable and more costly factory space. It can be accessed at any time by arrangement and provides excellent off-site backup for damage limitation in case of fire or other disaster. You should also take the opportunity to consider the following: a) Upgrading – Moving factory is an opportunity to update to modern, efficient and space-saving equipment b) Review existing suppliers – Moving factory can provide a trigger for renewing/switching supplier contracts on favorable terms.
Should you wish to engage with Unique Transport Ireland on your next office move. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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