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01. Major Office Move

01. Major Office Move

Project Managing an office move is no easy task. From organising seat allocations, to facilities and the co-ordination of IT. When deciding to move office you need to be assured you have the right delivery company working with you that can 1. co-ordinate the end to end transport tasks and 2. ensure that the project is delivered in a timely manner with the co-ordinated effort of various teams. 

Unique Transport Ireland have the right experience necessary to ensure that your office move co-ordinated effectively from start to finish. With over 17 years industry experience we know what it takes to deliver a successful office move. We have the right people and equipment on board that will ensure your office move is run as smoothly as possible. From pre- requirements such as office fittings and network equipment delivery. Right the way through to the co-ordination of various personnel from one location to another. Some of the office move projects we have managed in the past have included the consolidation of various teams into a single building such as a company merger or staff consolidation exercise.

How to manage an effective Office Move

The Process of Moving Office can seem like a mammoth task at first. But its just a process, and like any process it can be broken down into a series of tasks. By following these simple steps you can ensure that your office move is on time, on budget and hassle free.

  1.  You need to be clear about why you are moving office in order to define your needs and map out the appropriate office move plan. There are a number of items that need to be agreed upon before proceeding with the office move plan, including details of the existing office lease including the notice period and the obligations required by your company as tenants.
  2. You need to be clear about your requirements. Understanding your strategic objective and operational requirements upfront is a must for any office move. This will make the entire move process run a lot more smoothly and save time. You need not worry about the technical specifications (as these are usually managed by your IT team or an external vendor). However you must have a clear understanding of what the office move is including: a)Where exactly you are moving to b) How much space you need and if you need to be in by a certain time. c) What are the key features required in your new office? d) Is there a planned growth objective for the business and will this new location satisfy the need for this growth e) What type of lease is needed in the new premises?
  3. Build the right team that will assist you in your office move. A major office move is a major undertaking and a collabo rative effort needs to be maintained in order to ensure the move runs smoothly and timely. The team will need to comprise of both internal and external members. Having the right office move company can mean the difference between getting it right or not at all. Unique Transport Ireland have the right experience required to ensure your office move is pulled off as effectively and timely as possible.

A project manager should be appointed at this stage and this project manager should: a) be trusted by senior management b) The authority to act on behalf of the company c) Be senior enough to make decisions d)Be a good organiser of people and processes. e) Have experience of working with budgets f)Be a good communicator.

Should your office move include the requirement to move heavy items or machinery then specialised equipment would need to be organised in advance. At Unique Transport we have specialised equipment at our base that can handle these movements. You can find more information under our Major Factory Move Project.

I.T. Relocation

IT relocation is usually best left to the experts and at Unique Transport Ireland we have the right staff on board with the right qualifications to manage your relocation. Computer equipment is often considered the largest expense a company will take on board during an office outfit. Which is why due care and attention is required to ensure that items such as desktops, servers and network equipment is handled with the utmost care.  We have trained and experienced staff who will go to your offices, disconnect your servers, desk top computers, comms cabinets etc. Pack the equipment into specialised computer crates and move them to your new location.

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